Impact Resistant Shingles

Impact Resistant Shingles Installations are Rated From Level 1 to Level 4 for Varying Levels of Storm Damage Protection.

The Answer to Hail Damage

Roofs get damaged, whether it’s strong winds knocking down tree branches and blowing debris, or hail impacting your roof, storms have the potential to create a lot of problems. If you’re tired of worrying about your roof being adversely affected by hail, then it’s time to consider the benefits of impact resistant shingles installation. Normal asphalt shingles are prone to storm damage, and that means impacts from hail and debris, as well as potentially blowing loose during inclement weather, but impact shingles can help keep your roof safe from all of the leaks caused by impact damage. Our team focuses all of our efforts on to your home while we’re working on your impact resistant shingles installation. Small-batch repairs and upgrades are how we ensure quality for our local customers. If you’re thinking about impact resistant shingles installation for your home in the Des Moines Metro, call the contracting experts of Spruce Exteriors LLC at 515-240-1995 for more details today.

Impact Resistant Shingles Installation

Impact resistant shingles installation is great for homeowners looking to maximize their protection from the elements. These shingles are created thicker than other normal shingles, and the thicknesses range from grades one through four, with four being the thickest and most wind and hail resistant. As the level of wind and hail resistance increases, so does price. While there were only 10 instances of hail storms near Des Moines Metro in 2018, back in 2011 there were 29 reports of hail. So while every year may not bring the same hail risk, it’s better to be protected all of the time, rather than wishing you were in a year with more hail storms than average.

Impact Resistant Shingles Help Minimize the Effects of Storm Damage Over Time.

Heavy Duty Shingles for Extreme Weather

You have enough exterior components of your home to worry about, like needing window replacement service, or replacing damaged gutters or siding because of hail. Our roofing contractor team has decades of combined experience with impact resistant shingle installation service for homes like yours. When you’re considering an upgrade to protect your roof, call the most trusted name in local roofing. When you need impact resistant shingles installation for your house in the Des Moines Metro, call the experienced roofers of Spruce Exteriors LLC at 515-240-1995 to schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience.